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Freitag, 19. August 2005

neue Internet-Protokolle für LiveOnline Räume

+ Öst. IPv6 Taskforce
+ Entwicklung Internet-Protokolle für LiveOnline Räume - Pressemeldung 2005-08-01
+ CESNET Forschung in diesem Bereich
The end of this June was the official finish of the international 6NET project, which was implemented as part of the 5th EU Framework Programme. Project results have confirmed that modern data networks are generally ready for switchover to the new IP communication protocol, version 6 (IPv6), which should eventually replace today's IPv4.

The three-and-a-half-year project included the implementation of a native IPv6 network interconnecting academic and commercial institutions in 16 countries. It allowed experts to test a range of services and applications based on the IPv6 protocol.

Thirty-six institutions from Europe and South-East Asia were involved in the international 6NET project, including CESNET from the Czech Republic. CESNET was also the host for the seventh and last meeting of the 6NET consortium, which took place in Prague this January. The final project assessment, conducted in Lisbon in late June, expressed full satisfaction with the results achieved in all monitored categories.

The IPv6 communication protocol has several advantages in comparison with its IPv4 predecessor


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